Solar Could Create 750k Jobs in US by 2020

4200117023_605ee807ecThis week at the United Nations convention on Climate Change (COP16) in Cancun, Mexico, SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association Industries – along with EPIA – European Photovoltaic Industry Association and 40 other solar groupsaround the world) released a report on solar’s potential to fightclimate change and create jobs. The report states that solar is already a global success story, but is not yet living up to its full potential.

The report estimates that by 2020, world solar deployment could reach a combined level that reduces carbon pollution equal to removing 110 million cars from the road. Additionally, if thesolar deployment goals (that are highlighted in the report) are agreedupon and reached, over one million jobs could be created in the European Union and nearly seven hundred thousand jobs created in the UnitedStates.

Solar is fighting climate change and creating jobsnow, but we have not even come close to maximizing this free, clean, and abundant resource. If, on a global scale, we continue to ignore solaras a jobs creator and a clean energy alternative, a tremendousopportunity to do the right thing will be lost.



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