Solar Community Transit by Dave Owsen

A never before used or implemented means to public transport, theCommunity Transit system designed by Dave Owsen lets you travelprivately, in public. This private public transit system involves theuse of private “Cells”. These Cells can accommodate two adults and twosmall children at a time. Using a monorail type rail system, these Cells cans be navigated using a touch screen interface through whichcommuters can select their preferred routes. It can also help transportgoods from peer to peer, using containers instead of transport cells,allowing businesses to transport goods in a cheaper way.

So what powers the Community Transit? Solar energy! The Cells use an organic dye in their window material developed by the guys atMIT, that concentrate light to the surface edge, where it is capturedand stored as electricity by the solar cells on the borders of thesurface. With little chances of a gridlocked line, thanks to the tworail design that enables bypassing parked cells, this system will change the way we travel in future!



Via – [Designlaunches]



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