Solar Christmas Lights and Party Lights Strings

29 October of 2009 by

solar christmas lights Solar Christmas Lights and Party Lights StringsIdeal for use as a solar powered festive lights decoration atChristmas time or use all year round to decorate trees, shrubs, gardendecor, etc. Perfect for areas where electricity is unavailable ordifficult to run wiring. These solar string lights are perfectly safe,simple to install and great for use almost anywhere. The compactcontroller box comes complete with a ground spike so installation isreally easy.

The solar LED bulbs never need replacing and come on an approximate14? cord. They charge up during the day, automatically illuminate atdusk and switch off at dawn (or until discharged) when the processstarts all over the next day.The colors of the lights are a set of allwhite or a set of multi-color (red, blue, green & amber).


Helius Solar Powered Backpack


Helius Solar Powered Backpack

solar sun jar 150x150 Solar Sun Jar


Solar Sun Jar

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