Solar Charger by Kiwi Choice

Kiwi Choice has unveiled its new eco-charger for portable electronic devices. Thedevice folds out into a tri-pointed device with a trio of solar panelsready to harness clean energy and store it in an onboard battery. Thedevice ships with 11 different tips and can recharge iPods and iPhonesas well.

The onboard battery holds about 2000mAh of electricity and thedevice comes with a magnet for placing it under your vehicle’s seat ordashboard. The solar charger can charge cellphones but isn’t good enough to charge the iPad. The charger can also be hooked up to your car’scigarette lighter socket for late night charging. Priced at $49.99, thecharger seems perfect for those interested in generating some renewableenergy during their next camping trip.

Via: Engadget



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