Solar Changes Lives of Shaanxi People

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Canyou imagine the excitement of replacing kerosene lamps, the primary andtraditional source of lighting in the Shaanxi Province, China, withelectric light powered by solar energy? Applied Materials hascontributed to this historical milestone by participating in the Shaanxi Province’s Sun-Sun Project,which has resolved the access to electricity for numerous ruralfamilies by supplying stand-alone solar power generation systems.

The Sun-Sun Project, launched by the Shaanxi Provincial Governmentin August 2009, was executed by the Shaanxi Regional Electric PowerGroup. After conducting a comprehensive study, solar energy turned outto not only be an environmentally friendly, but also cost-effectivesolution when compared to the price of installing conventional fossilelectricity infrastructures in this remote mountain area.

Installation of the solar systems was completed in September 2009 inYongshou County. By the end of January 2010, the final family set asidetheir kerosene lamps and welcomed the new life with electricitygenerated by solar energy. The largest solar application in ShaanxiProvince, this project benefits about 13,500 families and drewsignificant attention from the Chinese Central Government as well.

As a strategic partner of Shaanxi Province, Applied Materials playedan important role in the Sun-Sun Project by providing technicalconsulting services. Our SunFab Module Reliability Testing Lab alsohelped ensure the quality and reliability of panels and systems used inthe project. In addition, Applied Materials donated 150 off-grid solarpower generation systems as part of its philanthropic efforts in Xi’an,Shaanxi.

In the past, people have always described solar energy as anenvironmentally friendly and renewable, but very high-cost solution.Thanks to continued technology advancement and cost-per-watt reductionefforts over the past 30+ years, solar energy has already become a costcompetitive solution to address part of the energy market. It’sstrongly believed that through a joint effort of worldwide policymakers, photovoltaic (PV) industry manufacturers and researchinstitutions, solar energy is becoming a mainstream, cost-competitiveenergy solution that will further improve the way people live aroundthe world.