Solar Blimp Concept from FHP Architects

fhp architects skyglow 1 NoF25 69 Solar Blimp Concept from FHP Architects

According to recent statistics about 27 billion tons of carbondioxide is being released into the atmosphere every year. This massiveaddition has altered the natural blend of air, which is heating theatmosphere resulting in hurricanes, rising sea levels, spreading deserts and the loss of arable land.

fhp architects skyglow 2 bNHh4 69 Solar Blimp Concept from FHP Architects

FHP Architects are proposing a unique way to create awareness onglobal warming by designing 200 meter long helium filled airships thatare enveloped in a flexible OLED lighting membrane. Powered by solarenergy these airships, dubbed SKYGLOW, will be flown into majorpopulation centers and will be docked at these locations.

fhp architects skyglow 3 flcQv 69 Solar Blimp Concept from FHP Architects

In addition to these airships, several smaller replicas will beinstalled and fitted with touchscreen questionnaires. Forming aninteractive night part at the base, these replicas will invite people to answer questions on carbon related issues in our homes, transportchoices and recycling levels. The information gathered will be fed intothe lighting systems of the small SKYGLOWS, which will then glow fromred to blue according to awareness.

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Targets will be advised to the public and they will again be invited to calculate their carbon footprint. This collective information willbe fed into the main SKYGLOW, along with national grid energyconsumption levels and air quality information.

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Via: Evolo