So. Cal. Edison Cancels Power Purchase Agreement with Sterling Energy

Stirling Energy and Tessera Solar, which had hoped to build over agigawatt of capacity in California, got some more bad news today.

Southern California Edison cancelled the agreement to purchase powerfrom the proposed Calico solar thermal plant, which was supposed to have created 663 megawatts of power.

Stirling, which has created a mirrored dish combined with a Stirlingengine that can generate 25 kilowatts of power, and Tessera, itsdeveloper, have been in a tailspin this month. Stirling CEO Steve Cowman and other executives departed and layoffs had occurred at Tessera. Right after that, NTR, the Irish parent company of both, said it would no longer invest in the projects.

Then, after that, a judge ruled in favor of an Native American tribe and slapped an injunction on the Imperial Valley project, which would have produced over 700 megawatts of power for San Diego Gas & Electric.

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