3D Solar’s Prototype Panel

100 0073 3D Solars Prototype Panel

I thought today (Blog Action Day 2009)would be a good day to post a couple snapshots of my prototype solarpanel. Getting these made was my "summer project", which morphed intothe full-on launching of my new company 3D Solar Inc.

For anyone new to the site, these patent pending panels incorporate amirror with each row of solar cells forming a V-shape pair. This iseasiest to see in the top picture, where the mirror is on the left andthe row of cells on the right (pattern repeats)–if you look at thebottom of the picture you can see the V. The reason this is/should be"interesting": because the mirror puts more light on the cells, you getmore power from each cell, so you need fewer cells per panel, leadingto less expensive panels.
Ihave sent the prototype to an independent testing lab where they willmeasure the performance of the solar panel and report back.