Smart Solar of Tokyo Debuts Sun Tracking PV Panels

sun chasing solar panels klh4t Smart Solar of Tokyo Debuts Sun Tracking PV Panels
Sun-chasing solar panelsJapanese firm debuts efficient solar panels

Renewable energy is critical to our fight against climate change.With the rise in the environmental issues, it is high time we startthinking about improved alternative methods of generating electricity.Researchers at Smart Solar International in Tokyo, Japan have devised asolar panel that is capable of producing twice the electricity that canbe generated with the help of any existing system.

The basic component of this new device, which enables an increasedproduction of electricity, is a row of rotating aluminum mirror barsthat follows the sun as it moves across the sky and, in turn, reflectsits light onto a central tube, which contains several layers ofhigh-performance solar cells.

Another interesting feature of the new solar power device is that itrequires very less silicon as compared to the usual photovoltaic panels. Interestingly, scientists have also devised a way to preventoverheating of this device by using its extra heat to warm up water.Thus, the smart new device can be used both as a source of electricityas well as heat.

According to the researchers, the new solar power device has beenbasically designed to serve the tsunami-hit areas. People in these areas are in an immediate need of renewable energy and the new solar panelwill efficiently serve their purpose. The production of these deviceshave been planned to start in Japan in August, with sales commencingOctober. The company plans to first sell its products in Asia and Middle East.

Via: Yahoo News