SMA Sunny Portal goes mobile SMA Sunny Portal goes mobile

Customersare getting used to monitoring the performance of their solar electricsystem with SMA inverters and a webbox on their computer screens. Buthow about those people who live the on the go lifestyle that want tokeep up to date of how much electricity their solar panels areproducing? If you have a SMA SunnyBoy Inverter with a webbox, yourinverter’s data is uploaded to the SunnyPortal via the Internet. Recently, SMA launched their "mobile friendly" version of the SunnyPortal that you can access from your cell phone’s web browser.

Ithink this is great offering that SMA brings to their table because itincreases the customer experience of owning a solar electric system bybeing connected to the system anytime the owner wishes. Also people aremore willing to talk about their system to others if they can bring thedata with them and show other customers. Would you check on your solarpanels from your cell phone?