SINGULUS Receives Another Solar Plant Order

The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS) was able to conclude anothercontract for five Selenisierungsanlagen for CIS thin-film solar cells.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, in 2009, had developed in close cooperation with AVANCISGmbH & Co. KG (AVANCIS) a new process plant for thin-film solartechnology in early 2010 and received an initial order for 19 million €. The follow-on order from Hyundai Avancis with over 30 million €exceeding this volume significantly.

"The CIS technology is arelatively new manufacturing process that is already very successful and still has much more potential for cost reduction and efficiencyimprovement," said Hartmut Fischer, CEO of AVANCIS. "The facilities ofSINGULUS is a critical component in our factory for CIS solar cells.SINGULUS why we have again selected as supplier for our FAB 3 of ourjoint venture for the production of CIS thin film solar modules in South Korea."

This order is another important step SINGULUS toestablish itself successfully in the growing solar market with newfacilities. Dr. Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO of SINGULUS: "We are pleased with the new order and see us as confirmation that the CIS thin filmtechnology, the groundbreaking technology of the future, it is veryimportant to us that we are for this, very successfully developing solar technology. will provide the essential production machinery for theproduction of electricity-generating layer."


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