Shrink Nanotechnologies Forms Solar Subsidiary

Shrink Nanotechnologies Inc., a nanotechnology company that develops productsand licensing opportunities in the solar energy production, medicaldiagnostics and sensors and biotechnology research and development tools businesses, has formed a new wholly owned subsidiary calledShrink Solar LLC, which is focused on commercializing its solartechnologies.

Using the company’s nano-structured solar filmdesigns, Shrink’s solar concentrator designs, which will now be held inShrink’s new wholly owned Shrink Solar LLC operating unit, will soonenable solar consumers to add energy-producing abilities to productsalready in production, from rooftop applications to windows, the company says.

"Shrink Solar’s goal is to transform the $37 billion solar energy production market worldwide by designing and selling our solarconcentrators as a low-cost performance-enhancing add-on device, tocreate more wattage per square meter, for existing mono- andpolycrystalline solar cell arrays," states Mark L. Baum, CEO of ShrinkNanotechnologies Inc.



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