Sharp Releases Fans with Built-in Ion Generator

sharp ion fans Sharp Releases Fans with Built in Ion Generator

Sharp has just released a series of fans with built-in ion generators.

They come in two varieties – a tower type Slim Ion Fan and the other a 3D Fan. Both of them offer their own distinct advantages and you can pick the one that suits your needs best. The Slim Ion fan is designed to produce a continuous gentle breeze that will give you a pleasant and soothing air flow. It has 32 settings that allow you to set the speed of the fan at a level of your exact choice and its purification mode will activate the ion generator to clean up the interiors of your room and offer you a gasp of fresh air.

The 3D fan model will offer you a more circular air rotation with its ability to move 90 degrees from left to right, 10 degrees down and 90 degrees up. This allows it to blast air filled with ions that help you drive away the pollutants in all directions. The Slim Ion fan is priced at 40,000 yen ($493.72) while the 3D fan will cost 22,000 yen ($246.86). Both the models will be out in the third week of May.

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