Shaanxi Province Ramps up on Solar and LED $AMAT

 Shaanxi Province Ramps up on Solar and LED $AMAT

During a recent trip to Applied Materials headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif. China’s Shaanxi Province Deputy Governor Wu Dengchang (center)and his team met with Applied Materials’ Mark Pinto, vice president,Energy and Environmental Solutions group (right of Wu) and Charlie Gay,president Applied Solar (left of Wu) and outlined the 5-years plan toquickly ramp up the total capacity of solar production as well as growthe domestic market for solar and LED applications.

This plan follows China’s recently announced government plan toincrease non-fossil energy consumption to 11.4% and reduce CO2 emissionby 17% over the next 5 years. Both initiatives are a testament toChina’s clean tech leadership and provide great opportunities forbroader adoption of solar power as well as massive use of LED lighting.

Deputy Governor Wu pointed out during his visit that Shaanxi, as thehub of Applied Materials’ renewable energy R&D center, plays acritical role in supporting the fast sustainable growth of Shaanxi andof China as well.

Shaanxi Province is becoming one of the most important places in theworld, not only because of the world famous, Terra-Cotta soldiers, butalso because it is home to the world’s largest private solar R&Dfacility —The Applied Materials Solar Technology Center — located in Xi’an, China. Now, Shaanxi is also moving at full speed to pursue their ambitions for solid state lighting. The government has anaggressive plan for an integrated LED supply chain including everythingfrom EPI wafer manufacturing and cell production to back-end packagingand end-product applications.

I believe, in the near future — like the Terra-cotta soldiers— solar and LED cells will put Shaanxi on the map.