Sequoia Capital announces “solar solution becoming cheaper than utility pricing”

In anarticle in today’s NewYork Times (”A Solar Start-Up Rakes In Capital), Warren Hogarth, a partner at Sequoia Capital, (early investor in Apple, Google andYahoo) said that price parity between solar and “utility” power is uponus. Sequoia, for one, is pouncing on the opportunity.

“We’re seeing early signs of an inflection point in the market where the cost of offering a solar solution is becoming cheaper than utility pricing,” said Hogarth.

According to the article, “over the past year, photovoltaic moduleprices have fallen about 40 percent due to oversupply and increasingcompetition with Chinese companies.

Says Hogarth, “We’re moving from people buying solar because it’s anice thing to do to buying solar because it makes economic sense.”