Sen. Udall Proposes ‘Solar Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) Act’

mark udall Sen. Udall Proposes Solar Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) Act

ColoradoSenator Mark Udall (D) has introduced legislation proposing toextend tax breaks to homeowners that invest in community solar projects. As it stands today, homeowners who install solar panels on their ownhouse receive a 30-percent tax credit.

Udall’s SUN Act would extend this tax credit for those who invest inneighborhood solar farms that collectively tap into a solar powerproject installed on a seperate plot of land. 

"I’m proud to introduce this bill based on what I learned on theWestern Slope. It will expand the use of our abundant solar power,strengthen Colorado’s renewable energy industry and create good-payingjobs throughout our state," said Udall.

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