Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) Visits Applied Materials To Talk Solar (AMAT)

AppliedMaterials CEO Mike Splinter (right) with Joe Pasetti (center), AppliedMaterials Government Affairs, and Senator Jeff Bingaman (left) discussApplied’s solar policy initiatives.

OnNovember 12, Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) chairman of the Senate Energyand Natural Resources Committee and a senior member of the SenateFinance Committee, visited Applied’s Santa Clara, California campus tolearn more about Applied’s solar activities.

CEO and Chairman Mike Splinter led Chairman Bingaman on a tour thatincluded the company’s solar operations as well as its solar array andR&D solar installation. Bingaman has been a leader and champion ofmany of Applied’s solar policy initiatives, as well as the R&D taxcredit, trade agreements and immigration reform.

Chairman Bingaman has been a staunch supporter of solar energythroughout his tenure in the Senate, so it was a great opportunity toshow him Applied’s manufacturing technology, our campus solar arrays,and discuss our policy agenda with a true solar leader in the U.S.Senate.

Chairman Bingaman was the primary author of the renewable energymanufacturing tax credit created in the 2009 stimulus bill. Under thisbill, Applied Materials and several of its customers are seeking topurchase Applied manufacturing equipment and have applied for the 30%tax credits. He was the author of the Senate’s renewable electricitystandard (RES) legislation to mandate utilities generate a portion oftheir electricity from renewable sources, as well as the Green Bankproposal to allow renewable energy projects seeking financing to applydirectly from the U.S. government.

We are indeed honored to have him learn more about our company and thank him for the support he is giving to the solar industry.



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