Semprius, Siemens to advance innovative solar energy technology

Semprius Inc. and Siemens Industry Inc. have entered into a jointdevelopment agreement to co-develop and deploy plug-and-playdemonstration systems based on Semprius’ Solar Module Arrays andSiemens’ automation and control components.

The systems areslated to be installed at numerous test sites around the world,including major utilities, commercial sites, international testlocations and government facilities.

Semprius Solar ModuleArrays offer the benefits of low installed cost and high capacityfactor which combined enable very low energy costs in sunny, dryclimates. Their high efficiency, scalable design makes them applicableto a wide range of projects from distributed commercial and industrialto large scale utility installations.

The company was selectedthis month by the US Department of Energy to receive support through a$3 million subcontract from DOE’s PV Technology Incubator, which aimsto accelerate commercialization of its solar photovoltaic systems.

Siemensis a global leader in automation systems, power conversion and controlsystems. As part of its environmental portfolio, which generatedrevenue of $31 billion (EUR 23 billion) in fiscal 2009, Siemensprovides technology to the photovoltaic industry. In an effort to makePV module arrays more efficient, Siemens will integrate its componentswith Semprius PV module arrays, and together the companies willimplement the test systems to validate performance of the combinedtechnologies.

“Our PV module arrays will make the generation ofsolar power economically viable in clear, sunny climates found in manyparts of the world,” said Joe Carr, Semprius President and CEO. “We areexcited about teaming with Siemens to demonstrate the value of thistechnology.”

“Competitive project deployment cost for CPV willbe the key for the success of this technology. Combining Siemens’advanced automation and control equipment with Semprius Module Arrayshas the potential to deliver electricity at grid level prices to bothindustrial and utility scale customers,” said Peter Krause, BusinessSegment Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc.


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