amat solar wafer SEMICON/SOLARCON Russia 2011

SEMICON/SOLARCON Russia, the largest annual gathering of Russian companies that supply equipment used to make semiconductors and photovoltaic solar modules, takes place this year in Moscow on May 31 to June 2. Applied Materials, the world’s largest equipment supplier to both markets, will exhibit independentlyfor the first time — an indication of the company’s commitment to theRussian microelectronics industry and the growing strength ofsemiconductor and solar industries in Russia.

More than 236 companies will take part in the show and technicalconferences to discuss major industry issues, with approximately 1450exhibition visitors expected.

A rapidly emerging category of semiconductor technology is Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS), and this growing industry offers promising commercial opportunities for several parts of the world including, Russia. The term MEMS applies tospecific micro-sized chips commonly categorized as a class of sensors or mechanical devices – from accelerometers and gyroscopes — that enabletoday’s sophisticated mobile interfaces to automobile navigation andairbag sensors, to medical and communications devices.

MEMS devices are currently produced on equipment designed for wafersthat are 200mm or less, instead of the 300mm tools currently used formainstream memory and logic chips. This earlier generation equipment isespecially important in new, sophisticated applications like MEMS, where high productivity and performance must be balanced by very lowproduction costs.

In addition to technology, MEMS manufacturers in Russia can benefitfrom collaborating with large global companies like Applied Materials to shorten learning cycles, reduce development time and speed time tomarket. While Russia has an enormous talent pool of scientists andengineers, semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing demand highly specifictechnical expertise. Experienced service support teams can provideaccess to best-known methods, the intricacies of interactions betweenfabrication steps and maintenance or trouble-shooting methods.

Growth expectations for the global MEMS market are impressive. Market analysts forecast this segment to exceed USD19 billion by 2016 from acurrent size of around USD12 billion. In terms of device units needed to meet market demand, the volume growth is also phenomenal with aforecast of 15.8 billion units in 2016 according to industry reports.

To increase Russia’s stake in this fast-growing market and spur therapid development of domestic microelectronics and nanotechnologies, the Russian Federation designated a fund in 2007 that has since grown toUSD50 billion. Its goal is to make strategic investments within Russiaand around the world by creating partnerships and establishing seedtechnologies. Recently, the Federation opened an office in SiliconValley, Calif., and made a sizeable investment of USD100 million in aU.S.-based company.

SEMICON/SOLARCON Russia is an excellent opportunity for peopledriving industry growth in Russia to connect with counterparts fromaround the world. If you’re going to the show, please visit Applied Materials at booth #401.