Seizing the clean energy economic opportunity

Apologiesfor the prolonged absence!  It’s gotten a little busy at work, but youwill be pleased to know that much of that has been related to workingon China energy issues.  We owe you a backlog of updates on China’sgreen scene and MUCH has happened…but still no new energy stimuluspackage yet.   In the next few days, some backlogged editions of GreenHops will be unleashed.  But to tide you over the next days here aresome relevant items that relate to what I have been up to:

1.  Yesterday (July 16), I testified at the U.S. Senate Committee for Environment and Public Works in a hearing entitled “Ensuring and Enhancing U.S. Competiveness in Moving Towards a Clean Energy Economy.” I was tasked to share with the committee what China is doing to embracethe clean energy economic opportunity.  I did so by relating what Chinais doing in (i) energy efficiency; (ii) renewable energy, especiallywind and solar; (iii) and manufacturing of low-carbon technologies,using Baoding city of Hebei province as an example.  The underlyingmessage is that China is moving aggressively in these areas, in largepart as a strategy to enhance economic competitiveness, and that theU.S. had better embrace comprehensive clean energy and climatelegislation to stimulate investements in low-carbon sectors or riskbeing left behind.

You may read my oral testimony here, formal written submission to the committee, and a three-hour video of the full proceedings.  Coincidentally, an article in the Washington Post that very morning spoke to how Asian countries are leading the global clean tech race.

2.  I was interviewed by Public Radio International, also to talkabout what China is doing in the energy front, and how to reconcile thegreen and brown faces of today’s China.  Read the article or listen to the

“>podcast here.

3.  I am guest on The World’s interactive science forum to answerquestions on China’s energy and environmental issues.  Pose a questionon the forum, and I will get back to you!



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