Screen-printable Solar Cells from Oxford Photovoltaics

screen printable solar cells

Eco Factor: Dye-sensitive solar cell uses screen printing technology to affix them onto windows.

The future says “print solar cells onto your window and producegreen energy.” Oxford Photovoltaics has developed solar cells that canbe printed directly onto glass to make power-generating windows. TheOxford University-affiliated group has won over $150,000 prize moneyfrom the U.K. Technology Strategy Board’s “Disruptive SolutionsCompetition” to commercialize its latest invention.

Christened as “organic,” this dye-sensitive solar cell imitatesphotosynthesis using a dye that kicks loose an electron, starting acurrent. The screen printing technology is use to affix these cellsdirectly onto windows. The group is planning to collaborate with othermanufactures and speed up the prototyping process over the next sixmonths. Oxford PV wishes to make these new solar cells as durable aspossible, so that they last for at least 20 years.

Via: FastCompany



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