Science Center Powered by Solar Energy and Fuel Cells

new conneticut science center_1

Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, the Connecticut Science Center has opened the doors of a new LEED-certified facility. 95% of the steel used in the construction is manufactured from recycled cars.In addition to its ecofriendly bones, the building also makes use of afuel cell that provides approximately two-thirds of the needed power.

Thescience center is a composition of three major elements – a tower inthe shape of a parallelogram, a terraced volume that steps back on oneside and cantilevers outward on the other and between the two, a narrowglass tower topped by an iconic S-shaped roof, the project’s signatureimage. 

Thecenter is clad in transparent glass to allow natural light to filterthrough and where appropriate PV panels and a large projection screenare also installed. The second story on the street side cantileversover the entry and the elevation is clad in LED panels that broadcastimages. Moreover, the entire north volume is covered in a roof garden.


new conneticut science center_2

new conneticut science center_3

new conneticut science center_4

Via: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects



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