SCHOTT Solar PV and Berkshire Photovoltaic Services announce new solar art installation

SCHOTT Solar PV Inc. and Berkshire Photovoltaic Services (BPVS)announced the completion of a Photovoltaic (PV) installment for a newexhibition at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA).The exhibit, "All Utopias Fell" opened on October 24.

"SCHOTTSolar is committed to being part of a strong solar industry and thisexhibition is a great example of solar working in a new and creative way for Massachusetts," said Tom Hecht, President and Chief Sales Officerof SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc. "It’s our privilege to work with partners likeBPVS, who are helping the state develop renewable energy by installingPV systems throughout the Commonwealth."

Artist Michael Oatmancreated "All Utopias Fell" using PV modules produced by SCHOTT Solar,and Evergreen Solar. The modules are connected to Solectria Invertersmade in Andover and attached to the installation using mounts producedin Waltham.

The PV modules are featured in each of theinstallation’s three sequential spaces: "The Shining" (the outside of arepurposed Airstream trailer), "The Library of the Sun" (a laboratoryand library inside the trailer), and "Codex Solis" (a 230-foot-long grid composed of mirrors and the PV panels).

"BPVS is dedicated toproviding durable PV systems and bringing clean electricity to westernMassachusetts. Working on a project like ‘All Utopias Fell’ is anexciting opportunity to show a PV system’s wide range of uses," saidChris Kilfoyle, President of BPVS.

BPVS installed a 1.8 kW arrayfrom SCHOTT Solar for the PV panels used in the first two stops in theexhibit. The final portion is interspersed with a 51.6 kW arrayinstalled in 2007.


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