SCHOTT Introduces Thermally Activated Silicon Adhesive

SCHOTT North America has unveiledDeep UV-200, a one-part, thermally activated silicone adhesive designedfor applications that require high ultraviolet, visible and nearinfrared transmission, including photovoltaic and concentrating solararrays.

SCHOTT’s Deep UV-200 has been engineered to havelow-gassing, low reactivity to gamma and electron radiation and thermalstability to 220 degrees C. It also bonds well to a wide variety ofsubstrates and has a long shelf life, the company says.

Applicationfor the Deep UV-200 is performed at 80 degrees to 100 degrees C byspraying, dipping or casting. Curing is performed at 140 degrees to 180degrees C for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the flexibility desired(elastic or rigid).