Scatec Solar Readies Huge Project in Iron County

utah scatec solar project gFoA5 11446 Scatec Solar Readies Huge Project in Iron County

A Norwegian company, Scatec Solar, plans to set up a solar power plant in Iron County which would be thelargest of such projects in the state of Utah. The investment isexpected to be around 500 million dollars wherein photovoltaic panelswould be placed across the site stretching across 650 acres innorthwestern Parovan. Scatec is planning to commence constructiontowards the end of this year and is hoping to put other perspectives inplace such as various building permits and sale agreements.

It is anticipated that the project would be completed in two phasesand upon completion, the solar electricity generated from the plant(approximately 100 megawatts) would light 80,000 homes. Furthermore,Scatec would be promoting partnership with the contractors and workersthat are keen to collaborate with them in their ‘green’ business.

Via: The Salt Lake Tribune