Save Materials and Saving Costs with PV

wafer2 Save Materials and Saving Costs with PV

The photovoltaics industry has to be increasingly frugal with its raw materials in order to survive in the price war. The role model, as isoften the case, is the microelectronics industry.Applied Materials Baccini, considered one of the leading equipment providers, was featured in the latest issue of Sun & Wind Energy Magazine. The following is a short excerpt of the article.Materials savings with a simultaneous increase in efficiency was also at the center of development work at Applied Materials (AMAT). AtIntersolar this year, AMAT subsidiary Baccini presented its Esatto Double Print Technology with a view to increased efficiency. The technology enables an increase in efficiency of 0.5% in cell manufacturing and saves considerableamounts of costly silver solder, according to AMAT. The Esattotechnology is already in use in several solar companies in China,Taiwan, and Europe and is reportedly poised to exceed the 2 GW mark insuccessful production within the next few months.

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