Saudi Arabia Talking Big About Solar

Finally a little good news from the Middle East; green sources report that Saudi Aramco Power Systems is making plans to built a huge solar energy plant that could produce as much as 10 MW of electricity. In fact,Saudi Arabi’s Oil Minister, Ali Al-Naimi states that his country isplanning to eventually produce enough solar electricity to equal theamount of energy from oil exports.

The Saudi Press Agency website reports that, in a speech in Krakow,Poland, Al-Naimi stated that Saudi Arabia, currently the world’s largest oil exporter, has the ability to produce enough solar power to meet more than four times the global demand for electricity, by the year 2020. They are also looking for ways to use less of their exportable oil and gas as fuel for power stations.

Green intelligence sources state that Saudi Arabia may need to burn as much as 3 million barrels of oil a day by 2020 if it doesn’t improve efficiency. This comes from Ziyad Al Shiha, executive director of Saudi Aramco PowerSystems. That’s more than a 2 million barrel jump from what is currently necessary to generate power facilities that are under development,

So if Saudi Arabia can produce enough solar power to meet four timesthe world’s electricity needs, what are they going to do with all thatoil? Maybe the price of gas could come down a few bits. Oh, but we’llall be driving our electric cars by 2020 so we won’t really need itright?




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