Sanyo Solar Panels to be Rebranded as Panasonic

panasonic sanyo Sanyo Solar Panels to be Rebranded as Panasonic

Top-performing Sanyo HIT solar panels from premier solar panel manufacturer Sanyo Electronics will officially be re-branded as Panasonic HIT solar panels effective April 1, 2012, according to a press release from the company.

Run on Sun has been a Sanyo, make that Panasonic, dealer since our inception and we continue to believe that the Sanyo/Panasonic solar panels will remain the go-to product for maximum performance solar installations.  (A rose by a any other name, etc.)

We are hoping that Panasonic will make good on their marketing claim:

“The current manufacturing operations and sales structure will continue under the Panasonic Group. The Group will continue to invest in the solar business, allowing us to offer a higher level of service to our business partners and provide our customers with higher quality, more efficient modules.”

The move should provide the Sanyo division with increased capital and greater distribution support, and help Panasonic meet its stated goal of becoming the “Number One Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry” by Panasonic’s 100th Anniversary in 2018.

While Sanyo was a very well known brand within the solar industry, adopting the more broadly known Panasonic brand should assist the company in competing against consumer electronics giant LG Electronics that announced its entry into the U.S. solar panel market at this year’s SPI.

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