SANYO Introduces HIT Power 220A Photovoltaic Module

SANYO North America Corp. has launched a new model in its HIT Power solar module line: the HIT Power 220A.According to the company, this module provides improved efficiency andenergy output, and it is designed to energize integrators and installers with more power per square foot than other models.

The HIT Power 220A features certified cell efficiency of 19.8% and module efficiencyof 17.4%. This is the fifth product to join the HIT Power family, whichalso includes the HIT Power 205, 210, 215 and 220 modules.

SANYOHIT Power solar modules are made of 72 hybrid HIT cells that combinemonocrystalline silicon with layers of amorphous silicon. Themonocrystalline silicon is sandwiched between the amorphous silicon tooffer improved conversion efficiency, excellent temperaturecharacteristics and considerable output under diffuse and low lightconditions, the company says.



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