Sanyo develops world’s most efficient silicon solar cells

hit solar panel

Sanyo Electric Co.has announced that it has succeeded it breaking its own record for theworld’s highest energy conversion efficiency in crystalline siliconsolar cells. The HIT Solar Cells, boast an efficiency of 23%, which isabout 0.7% more than the previous record. The success of the technologywas stated to be a change in the quality of heterojunction of HIT SolarCell and a reduction in optical absorption loss, which till date hasmarred the efficiency of solar cells.

The companystated that their new HIT solar cells consists of a single thins layerof a crystalline silicon sandwiched in between two layers of highquality ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. These layers improve thequality of the heterojunction and also allow more sunlight to hit thepower generating silicon surface. Other than this, a reduction inresistance loss also allowed Sanyo to make the cells highly efficient.

Via: Sanyo [Press Release]



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