San Jose High Schools Go Solar

Just this Thursday six schools in the East Side Union High School District broke ground on a 3.7 MW solar project.They are going solar to reduce the energy costs of the school, and alsodue to the very favorable incentives around for solar power. Once thesesites go online it will save the schools $1.5 million in the firstyear, $7.6 million after 5 years, and $36 million over the lifetime ofthe project. Not only that but this project would reduce carbonemission by 3,100 metric tons a year.

This serves the obvious benefit of reducing the schools costs in thefuture and allowing this cost to be applied elsewhere in the school.And at the same time this would show the students at these high schoolsrenewable energy systems firsthand, and help generate more energyconscious youth. In a time when schools have been cutting manyprograms, it’s nice to see a solution like energy saving be part of thepotential cure to school budgets.

Post from: Boots On The Roof