Samsung’s eco-friendly cell phone Reclaim to be launched in the US

Samsung_Reclaim_M560.jpgAfter wooing eco-consumers with Blue Earth and Clover,Samsungreclaims its green position with the new Reclaim. Samsung Electronicalong with Sprint has launched it eco-friendly handset named as Reclaimin the United States. It has environmentally responsible components andthe packaging is fully recyclable. So in the end you have aneco-friendly mobile phone in your hand. The handset is made from bio-plasticmade from corn. The Samsung Reclaim is free from PVC, phthalates andalmost free from brominated flame-retardants. The outer packaging andthe phone tray are made from recyclable materials. Images, text and thephone warranty are printed on soy-based ink. The Samsung Reclaim is themost full-featured qwerty phone launched by Sprint at less than $50. Itwill be available on August 16th in all Sprint retail channels.

Via – [Newlaunches]



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