Samsung debuts solar-powered cellphone for budget-conscious users

samsung e1107 crest

The Mobile World Congress saw cellphone manufacturers unveiling the futuristic devices, where Samsung and LGtook the front benches by unveiling their solar-powered fantasies.Though the devices are still to make it to the shelves, Samsung hastried to become the first once again by launching a solar-poweredcellphone designed specifically for green-minded users who don’t wantto spend much on their handsets.

The Samsung CrestE1107 carries a rear-mounted solar panel which according to the companygenerates enough electricity to give the user about 10 minutes ofcalling time after an hour of sun exposure. Priced at just $59, thedevice won’t carry the same specifications as your high-end smartphone, but does offer some basic features that include FM Radio, MP3ringtones and a few other inexpensive features that make this cellphonea cellphone. The company has launched this product for specific marketsthat include India, Europe, Southeast and Southwest Asia.

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