SAIP, North Delhi Power Ltd to build clean waste-to-bio-power facility in New Delhi

Solena-ABSi India Pvt Ltd (SAIP) has executed a Memorandum ofUnderstanding (MOU) with North Delhi Power Ltd (NDPL), to produce up to40 MW of clean renewable energy, using SAIP’s patented plasmagasification bio-energy solution, into NDPL’s distribution network ofNorth and Northwest Delhi.

The new, organic waste to energy,bio-power plant that SAIP is developing will utilize SAIP’s nextgeneration plasma gasification technology and process to convert biomass from municipal, agricultural and other organic wastes into a cleanrenewable bio-synthetic gas—without incineration or combustion.

This bio-syngas, a replacement for natural gas, will be piped or partiallytransported to NDPL’s upcoming 108 MW electric generation plant atRithala enabling NDPL to deliver clean, baseload power and propel NewDelhi as a model in the drive towards a greener India.

SAIPestimates the thermal power output of its organic waste to energy plantwill be approximately 40 MW gross. The resulting green energy from thisbio-syngas will be produced with zero net carbon emissions, no SVOCs orSOx, tar, fly ash, flue gas and virtually no pollutants as compared tothe legacy sources of fuel that have historically driven traditionalpower plants.

“We are excited with this development and ourpartnership with NDPL. This represents a milestone not only for Delhibut also for India as it pursues greater energy production from clean,renewable sources to sustain its rapid economic growth,” said SAIP CEORajeev Sharma. “This agreement validates our steadfast efforts to bringclean and efficient power to Indian cities and villages with our leading edge plasma gasification based solutions.”

Sunil Wadhwa, MD,NDPL, added:“Renewable power is one of the most suitable and feasiblesources of power from the perspective of environment and security ofsource. We are happy to have joined hands with SAIP to bring greenenergy to our upcoming power plant, which will help reduce carbonemissions. The use of bio-fuel, in addition to our extensive focus onsolar power, reiterates our commitment to introduce environment friendly and green technology in our distribution area for conservation ofenvironment and combating climate change.”


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