Roll Out Organic PV Technology from Eight19

new organic solar pv p7xPJ 24429 Roll Out Organic PV Technology from Eight19

A startup company called Eight19, a collaborative effort of Cambridge University’s Cavendish Laboratory and UK environmental group the Carbon Trust is here to give a new dimension to the field of solar energy. Thecompany is working on the of new organic solar PV technology that holdsthe potential to make solar cell installation easier and cheaper.

Eight19’s solar panels will be built using a flexible transparentmaterial that is capable of being unrolled easily, offering versatilityand convenient use. It is claimed that organic photovoltaics (OPV) based on organic solar PV technology do not function like solar conductors,but work on a principle similar to photosynthesis in plants.

This latest technology could produce solar panels that are like thetransparent plastic sheets, which could easily be fitted to yourwindows. Not only will the new solar cells be easier to install, butwill be cheaper compared to the present photovoltaic technology. The new organic solar PV technology would revolutionize the possibleapplications for solar technology.

Via: The Independent