RFK, Jr., to Big Carbon: Your day is over

Green Gold Rush: A Vision for Energy Independence, Jobs and National Wealth

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 28 October 2009

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s keynote address to the Solar PowerInternational conference in Anaheim, CA, has been described in themedia as a “barn-barner” (the New York Times), “rousing” (Greentech Media) and “inspiring” (New Energy News).

RFK2 RFK, Jr., to Big Carbon: Your day is over

Itcertainly was all that. As someone who has followed not just Robert,Jr., but also the career of his late father, Senator RFK, the best wayI can describe the speech is, “consistent.”

Since the 1960s, the two Kennedy’s have spoken to deep-rootedtraditional American values of democracy, equality and activism — nomatter what the ostensible subject matter was.

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