Review: Here Comes The Sun

28 April of 2010 by

Excellent overview of the “solar Miracle” that has occurred inGermany over the past 10 years. Included is an interview of thearchitect of the solar revolution in Germany. Very insightful andencouraging. They deal with issues as they currently stand (2010) andlook at the near future for “grid parity.”

I normally do not like documentaries, but this one held my interestfor the whole time. Solar is coming, whether the big utilities want itor not. And when it comes there will be “unlimited fuel” for all PVsystem owners. Once the technology is paid for- the fuel is free.There is no “gatekeeper” to pay for the fuel. With Coal, Oil andNuclear we are constantly paying for the “fuel” and the “power plants.” Once solar has traction the utilities days are limited. Why elsewould they be dragging their feet?

Enjoy this documentary!



Enphase System Installers Survey


Enphase System Installers Survey

Video: 3 Types of PV systems (and their advantages)


Video: 3 Types of PV systems (and their advantages)

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