Revealed: Masdar Center Design

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A design based on sun-flowers that will provide shade that moves duringthe day, store heat which will then close and release the heat duringthe night is the main designed that was revealed for the MASDAR Centerwhich is the new eco-city in the United Arab Emirates. The sunflowerumbrellas are a winning design by the international practice Laboratoryfor Visionary Architecture expansion for LAVA. This city is the world’sfirst zero carbon, zero emission and zero waste city that is poweredentirely by renewable sources of energy. 

The solar powered sunflower will capture the sun’s rays during theday and will fold at night. At night, It will release stored heat andopen again next day. They will follow the path of the sun for theentire day and will provide shade continuously for the whole day. Thecity will showcase all things that are sustainable which includes amagnetic public transport system which includes individual pods thatwill drive you to your destination using only solar power. The facadescan be angled to offset or optimize solar glare. Water features can bestored underground during the day and will trickle during the night.

The city is planned 17 kilometers from Abu Dhabi. It is a governmentinitiative and will be completed in seven phases ending in 2016. LAVAis just two years old and is founded by Chris Bosse. According to himthe MASDAR city is a prestigious project focusing on sustainable energy.

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