Retractable Mobile Solar Unit from OS

os wLhNN 37871 Retractable Mobile Solar Unit from OS

Solar power units are quite common nowadays. However, the uniqueness of the one developed by Japan-based OS Co. Ltd, dubbed as Mobile SolarUnit GSR-110B, lies in the fact that it can be carried easily and itssolar panels are retractable. It is a convenient power generation system that recharges its batteries with the solar power generated through the photovoltaic cells.

The unit is designed to provide a power of 40W through a 12V socket. However, it can be connected to another unit if the power requirementneeds to be doubled. Super-low voltage, flexible and light amorphousphotovoltaic generation sheet is used in the product in order to get along life and better rolling capabilities. The roll-up mechanism of theprojection screen in Mobile Solar Unit is just extraordinary.

As it is light weight (3kg), it can be easily carried to the placewhere it is required. It means that it is ideal for providingelectricity for an outdoor event, construction site, disaster camps orany outdoor tents. Thus, you can very well use this for emergencypurpose where the power requirement is somewhere near 40W or its double. The product is currently available in the Japanese market and is priced at $725.