Residential Solar Cell Systems by Toshiba Corp

April 1, 2010 will have Toshiba Corp selling its residential solar cellsystems that will use SunPower Corp’s monocrystalline silicon solarbattery module.
This isn’t an April Fools joke by the company, ifthat’s what you’re thinking. The company has decided to enter theresidential solar cell system market to promote their electricappliance and smart grid businesses. In future, the company has alsoplanned to sell their solar cell systems with "SCiB" lithium-ionbatteries and smart meters. The solar cell system has all its devicespurchased from other companies along with SunPower’s solar batterymodule, "SPR-210N-WHT-J," that boasts a cell conversion efficiency of21.5%. Added advantages include back-contact structure and the absenceof an electrode on the surface.

Using SunPower’s solar battery module will sure pump upthe heat between SunPower and Sanyo, the companies that have beencompeting for the highest conversion efficiency.




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