Researchers boost the efficiency of OLEDs with a new cavity design


OrganicLight Emitting Diodes, or simply OLEDs, have started a new revolutionelectronics and displays, as they don’t essentially require a backlightto function, which helps manufacturers develop brighter, moreenergy-efficient and slimmer displays. As great as the technology mightsound to environmentalists, there is always some room for improvement.Researchers over at SRI Internationalhave found a way to boost the energy-efficiency of OLEDs with a newdesign that incorporates regularly placed cavities which generate asmuch as five times the output of a standard OLED using the same amountof energy.

The technology, known as COLED, is basedon a combination of light-emitting polymers developed by Japan-basedSDK, with which researchers were able to obtain an output of 30 lumensper watt for blue light, and 80 lumens per watt for green light.


Theresearchers believe that this new device is also great for theenvironmental point of view, as it is two times more energy-efficientthan CFLs and also eliminates the use of mercury, which presents adisposal problem.

Via: Gizmag


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