Renewable Energy Industry Expertise All Over Solar Power International

NailsA guy called me yesterday hoping to meet me at the Solar PowerInternational show and ask me about the industry.  I really don’t mindcreating appointments to meet people; I have several lined up, as thisis a major show — and right in my back yeard, too.  But I wanted to get a preview of what he wanted.

“Oh we plan events.  I want to know the most probably future forresidential PV — what the adoption curve here?  I just spoke withStephen Lacey from Renewable Energy World.” 

I laughed.  “I’ll be happy to talk with you.  But you’ve alreadygotten the scoop from the world’s foremost expert. Stephen is about half my age, but he knows 10 times more about industry details like thisthan I ever will. The young man is ‘nails’ – as I like to say.”

If anyone wants to chat, I’ll be there.


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