Recap: Growth Opportunities in Utility-Scale Solar Conference

Last week, Greentech Media held our third annual conference attached to Intersolar North America. This year’s topic was Growth Opportunities in Utility-Scale Solar: Projects,Finance and Policy. Thanks to the intrepid Shanna Hoversten, we now have a recap of the conference highlights:  

Keynote Address

Steve Malnight, Vice President, Renewable Energy, EnergyProcurement Team, Pacific Gas & Electric

  • Almost 60% of PG&E’s contracted RPS capacity to date is eithersolar thermal or solar PV. Even with this progress, solar remains lessthan 1% of PG&E’s energy mix.
  • 2007 witnessed an explosion of solar bids, about two-thirds ofwhich were CSP and one-third of which were PV. In recent years, PV hasoverwhelmingly ascended to the leadership position over CSP –highlighting the fact that portfolios change significantly over time and that both technologies are critical for overall solar development.Ultimately, both technologies need to be in the mix.
  • Of all the proposed renewable energy projects in the state, fewerthan 10% have come online. Fifty percent of them have been delayed orcanceled due primarily to one of three factors: transmission, financing, or permitting.
  • Eleven new major transmission lines costing $16 billion would beneeded to reach the 30% RPS goal, but only three lines are currentlyunder construction.

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