Real Goods Solar Beats Estimates $RSOL

Real Goods Solar (RSOL) reported 4th quarter resultsafter the bell today, posting slightly better results than whatanalysts expected.  The company posted an EPS of .01/share on revenuesof $19.1 million.  Analysts expected a flat quarter on revenues of$18.85 million.  That’s good for a 42% increase in revenues over theyear ago quarter and a big improvement in EPS too considering thecompany posted a .08/share loss in the year ago quarter.

RSOL President John Schaeffer commented on the quarter: “Thefourth quarter saw continued strong demand for residential solar. Bookings were robust throughout the quarter and we are pleased with thesize of our backlog going into the slower winter months. Revenue forthe quarter showed significant growth as a result of increasinginstallation capacity as well as completion of significant low-incomehousing projects in San Francisco and Richmond. We also reported oursecond consecutive quarter of profitability combined with over 40%internal revenue growth as we continue to see the benefits of scale,operational efficiencies and strong consumer demand.”

Shares are up about 1% in after hours trading.  The stock hasbeen digesting last year’s run up quietly, pulling back to near the 200day moving average.  It may be ready to begin moving higher again offthis key support level.

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Real Goods Solar (RSOL) Beats, Sees "Strong Demand For Residential Solar"