Random Solar Industry Timeline Highlights

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1954 Photovoltaic technology is born in the United States — the first solar cell capable of
generating enough power from the sun to run everyday electrical equipment. A silicon
solar cell with 6% efficiency and later, 11% efficiency is developed.

1960 Photovoltaic cells reach 14% efficiency.

1970 A significantly less costly solar cell is designed, bringing the price down from $100 per
watt to $20 per watt. Solar cells begin powering navigation warning lights and horns on
offshore gas and oil rigs, lighthouses, and railroad crossings.

1977Total photovoltaic manufacturing production exceeds 500 kilowatts; 1kilowatt is enough power to light about ten 100-watt light bulbs.

1980 At the University of Delaware, the first thin-film solar cell exceeds 10% efficiency; it’s
made of copper sulfide and cadmium sulfide.

1985 Researchers at the University of South Wales break the 20% efficiency barrier for silicon
solar cells.

1986 The world’s first commercial thin-film module is released.

1992 Researchers at the University of South Florida develop a 15.9% efficient thin-film
photovoltaic cell made of cadmium telluride, breaking the 15% barrier for this technology

1999 A 32.3% efficient solar cell is developed. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy
Laboratory develop a record-breaking prototype solar cell that measures 18.8% efficient,
topping the previous record for thin-film cells by more than 1%. Cumulative installed
photovoltaic capacity reaches 1000 megawatts, worldwide.

2000 Triple Junction solar cells began with efficiencies of approximately 24%.
2002 Triple Junction cells efficiency increased to 26%.
2005 Triple Junction modules up to 28% efficiency.
2007 Latest report is that Triple Junction solar cells have evolved to a 30% efficiency. 


mr3 075 150x150 Renewable energy will benefit Florida


Renewable energy will benefit Florida

46592359 29052714 150x150 Solar Panel Plant and Headquarters Could Bring 3,600 Jobs to Florida


Solar Panel Plant and Headquarters Could Bring 3,600 Jobs to Florida

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