Rail-free solar panel mounting

Traditionally, solar panels are a tedious process to install becausethe process of installing solar panels on a residential rooftopinvolves the rails to be cut, spliced together and the metal frame ofthe solar panels and rails themselves have to be grounded according tocode. Currently the process is quite primitive and can be timeconsuming even though the two most popular solar panel mountingcompanies, UniRac and ProSolar are offering new products to reduceparts and installation time, the companies fail to remove the rails.

ZepSolar,a startup solar panel mounting manufacturer will be introducing a newway to mount solar panels to your home’s roof without rails at theupcoming Solar Power International trade show in Anaheim.

Therail-free, auto-grounding drop-in solar panel mounting system is anultra efficient method of attaching solar panels to your roof thataccording to the company installs 6 times faster than conventionalsystems and greatly reduces material waste while enhancing thestructural integrity and aesthetics of solar panels.

zep.solar.mounting.2 Rail free solar panel mounting

Pricesof solar panels have been dropping like a rock, since there is anoversupply of solar panels in the market. Although other systemcomponents such as inverters and racking systems have not dropped inprices as fast as solar panels. ZepSolar claims that by removingcumbersome rails out process of installing solar panels can save up to$1,000 per kilowatt installed. What do you think about ZepSolar’sinnovative approach to simplifying solar panel installation