qnuru lights j9ULA 69 Qnuru debuts solar powered outdoor light fixtures

Eco Factor: New range of LED lighting systems from Qnuru runs on solar energy.

Qnuruhas launched a new range of solar-powered LED lighting system, whichaccording to the company should be able to revolutionize the way peopleilluminate their pathways and driveways. Going by the statistics, 22%of all electrical power generated in the world is used for lighting anda quarter of this electricity is used up for exterior lighting, whichcosting about $3.2 billion in the United States alone is an extravagantaffair.

Qnuru’s new rangeis radically different. The lighting systems developed by the companyuse efficient LED technology, which is powered by solar panelsincorporated in the lights. Each lighting fixture is designed toilluminate architectural features including walkways and your garden aswell. The fixtures make use of multiple digital microcontrollers, whichprovide intelligent power management and a full complement of featuresthat can be custom selected and programmed wirelessly.

Thelights are made using durable and climate-proof materials promising alonger operational time. Moreover, since the fixtures run on solarenergy, you don’t have to worry about those messy cables.

The Dark Side:

Apartfrom the usual drawbacks of solar energy and gadgets, which don’t havea secondary power unit, the lights seem fantastic for all eco-mindedhome owners.