“Analyzing Organic Photovoltaics” Report Released

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Analyzing Organic Photovoltaics" report to its offering.

Thesun, believed by mankind to be just a mere centrepiece of the solarsystem in which we live, is in reality not just a unit but an entiresymphonic system which was in place much before the first humans everwalked on planet earth.

This system which has been the primaryenergy source for the origin of life on earth is in fact very welladequately positioned by nature to fulfil the needs of energy forhumans for many more centuries to come.

An effort by humans toharness this abundant source of energy available around us hasmanifested itself in the form solar energy being converted to manyapplications as diverse as heat channelling, electricity conversion,electro mechanical applications and much more.

The dream ofsolar energy for human applications was realized in the early part ofthis century by the invention of solar cells which when arranged inphotovoltaic arrays deliver power for bigger applications.

The next leap of invention in this direction is "Organic Photovoltaics". This report "Analyzing Organic Photovoltaics"earmarks the immense potential that this technology holds for thefuture of mankind and the crucial impact it will have on the process ofintroduction of solar energy into large scale arenas of industrializedeconomies.

This report on Analyzing Organic Photovoltaicsinitiates a strong theoretical understanding of the Solar Cell systemand their subsequent propagation into photovoltaic systems, includingtheir applications derived from generational leaps as first to thirdgeneration cells.

The report presents the entire gamut of PVcells in a structured family tree for easy interpretation and alsodelves into the applications of PV technology in isolated environment.

Oneof the critical factors affecting PV systems is nature and this reportalso examines the effects of various factors as sunlight, weather,temperature as well as cloudy weather. In this context the reportprovides a picture of the global markets for PV solar cells and thecommercial aspect is explored in the profiling of the markets as wellas the statistics as growth patterns on the production side. The reportalso explores the commercialization potential and future for the marketfor PV conditions.

The environmental impact of any technologysystem has also been examined even though Solar PV systems are as closeto addressing environmental concerns as possible through instances as atypical SWH system will, over its lifetime, displace 10.5 tons of CO2if replacing a natural gas system, or 71.5 tons if replacing anelectric system.

The report further analyzes the processingtechniques of Organic PV cells and various types of concentrators aswell as antenna photovoltaic cells. In order to address the efficiencyfactors which impact the Organic PV systems the report examines theapplication on nanostructures to this with a complete overview on thetwo major techniques in use today. There have been efforts to increasethe longevity of OPV cells with the application of Exciton Blockinglayers being added in order to ensure maximum mileage from any systemimplemented.

This report also provides a comprehensive look intothe US National Solar Technology Roadmap on Organic PV whichcommunicates the intent and the thoroughness of effort being put by theUS behind OPV technologies. The report further adds depth to practicalunderstanding of OPV systems by providing two case studies on OPVcells. Leading industry contributors which have globally made an impacton this industry are also elaborated in this report.


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