Q3 U.S. Solar Market Insight

Today, SEIA® and GTM Research released the third quarter version of U.S. Solar Market Insight, our quarterly deep-dive into the U.S. solar market. The executive summary can be downloaded here. A few highlights from the PV section (state-level detail contained in the full report):

As of the end of the third quarter, the U.S. had already achieved arecord year for PV installations. 188 MW were installed in the thirdquarter, resulting in a total of 530 MW for the year to date. Already,this represents 22% growth over the 435 MW installed in 2009, and thefourth quarter will only add to this total. At a broad level, demandremains driven by the Section 1603 Treasury Cash Grant program,state-level incentives, and improved project economics following a 2009module price crash amidst the global financial crisis.

If the installation rate through the third quarter were annualized, the U.S. would install a total of 706 MW in 2010, up 62% over 2009. Earlyfourth-quarter data suggests, however, that there will be a late-yearsurge in installations resulting in total 2010 demand of 855 MW, wellabove the current pace.

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