Pure Power featured in GreenBuild

Hybrid S10 - GreensourcePure Power Distribution is in the news again, this time in GreenSource a key construction industry publication focused on green building.

“The Lowdown on Mobile Photovoltaic Power Generators” appearingtoday in GreenSource discusses portable solar power as an alternativeto diesel generators, and features a photo of our Hybrid S10 model,along with some discussion of our Mobile Solar Power Systems(TM). 

The Hybrid S10 is the only Mobile Solar Power System (and the onlyportable solar unit we’re aware of) that has an onboard Tier 4biodiesel generator as a standard feature. Since the article was aboutmobile solar-only power, we can understand how Hybrid systems areanother level altogether – perhaps they merit a second article. 

The benefits of our Hybrid S10 are subtle but significant for several reasons.

  •  Powerful: As power needs ramp up on a job site, some solar systemsare simply not able to keep up. The Hybrid S10 has deep cycle batteriesrated at 1,020 Amp hours (6 hour rate – a different calculation thanthe 20-hour rate shown in the article) to accommodate heavy use,potential weather situations, AND nighttime use.
  • Rugged: Mobile Solar Power Systems are uniquely and specificallydesigned to function as mobile power sources, and an alternative todiesel generators. They are ruggedly built specifically to work onconstruction sites and other unfinished terrain.
  • Battery-extending onboard generators: Solar-only equipment is justthe right solution for many jobs. Certain jobs, however, require theability to power the site longer, or into the evening, orday-after-day. What’s different about our Hybrid S10 is: asour batteries are used, our charge controller automatically switches onthe generator to charge the batteries – with no output loss to theconstruction site. The generator runs for about 45 minutes to 1 hour,using only approximately 1 gallon of diesel.
  • Alternative to diesel: Our Hybrid S10 provides power AND extendedlife to the construction site. Yes, it requires some use of diesel, butin a way that significantly avoids diesel fumes and carbon dioxideoutput, as compared to a diesel-only solution. Out Tier 4 generator,running B20, is 93% more environmentally efficient than a Tier 1generator in terms of particulate matter (soot). Instead of theconstant drone of a diesel engine, ours runs temporarily, thenautomatically shuts off.
  • Construction workers like the quiet: it was unfortunate that thearticle didn’t spell out the benefit of silent operation of a MobileSolar Power System. On sites we’ve provided power, this is the #1compliment we receive, “thanks for making it quiet!”


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